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Dental Implants

Flushing Queens, NY

Dental implants provide you with a stable base to support complete or partial dentures as well as a way to restore missing teeth. In other words, dental implants offer great stability and support for any dental applications you might opt for in a bid to restore your health and looks.


A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root and is usually made of titanium. It is often inserted into the lower or upper jawbone by one of our dentist (because they specialize in maintaining gum health, diagnosing dental issues, and performing dental surgery). The teeth that will be placed on top of the implants look natural and offer a great way of restoring a patient's smile.


It is worth noting that, implants are durable and strong so you can expect them to last a long time. However, they do have to be retightened occasionally to ensure that they remain intact.

Dental Checkup

Why Get Dental Implants?

  • Fill a missing tooth space without interfering with neighboring teeth

  • Correct bite issues caused by teeth that moved into a missing tooth space 

  • Restore self-esteem by getting back your smile

  • Facilitate speech, chewing, and ultimately digestion

  • Prevent the face from drooping due to missing bone in the jaw

  • Offer support for dentures and bridges to make them more comfortable and secure

The Dental Implantation Process

The first thing you want to note is that getting implants involves several visits to the dentist spread out over a few weeks.


First, Dr. Cornelius Yen will take impressions and X-rays of your teeth and jaw to go and examine. This is to establish whether your gum tissue, bone, and spacing are enough to accommodate an implant.


Once they determine that you are eligible, they will numb the area where the implant is to be inserted and surgically place it into the bone. After that, you will go back home and allow the area to heal and integrate for about six months.  That said, you may have to go in for a second surgery depending on the kind of implant you got. Sometimes, Dr. Cornelius Yen has to insert a post whose job is to hold the tooth in place.


After the healing period, which takes a few weeks; Dr. Cornelius Yen will make the artificial teeth and fit them into the implant that will now be inside the jaw just like a natural tooth root.


This may require several fittings so this step may spread out over one or two months. Once the area is completely healed, Dr. Cornelius Yen will then attach the artificial teeth to the implant. Of course, this offers comfort and renewed confidence to the patient.


Usually, Dr. Cornelius Yen will let you know once the treatment is complete. If not, feel free to ask him. 


Note that regular dental visits, great eating habits, and good oral hygiene play a huge part in prolonging the life of the implant.


Please reach out to us if you would like to book a consultation or have any queries about dental implants in Flushing, Queens NY.

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